Step 1. Create a Catalogue and add Products

First things first, you need to set up a catalogue of your products and prices on Purchase Plus. If we at Marketboomer have set up your catalogue for you, you can skip to step 2.

Step 2. Add a Buyer

Before a Buyer can start purchasing from you, you will need to connect with them on Purchase Plus by performing the 'virtual handshake.' This means that the Buyers also needs to add you as a Supplier. You can refer them to the document Add a Marketboomer Supplier.

Step 3. Add a Buyer to a Catalogue
Once you have added a Buyer, you will need to assign them to a catalogue. Please note that if a Buyer is attached to more than one catalogue and if the same product appears more than once, only the cheapest price will be displayed to the Buyer. This is what allows you to easily create and manage Special Offer Catalogues.

Step 4. Update pricing within Purchase Plus

When you need to update your prices, you can do so in Purchase Plus or via our help document on how to update pricing in a spreadsheet.

Don't forget to use your live in-app self-help on the right-hand side of Purchase Plus for step-by-step guidance on the above.

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