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1. Create a Catalogue and add products

First step is to set up a catalogue of your products and prices on Purchase Plus.

If we have set up your catalogue for you, you can skip to step 2.

2. Add a Buyer

Before a Buyer can start purchasing from you, you need to connect with them on Purchase Plus by performing the 'virtual handshake.' This article outlines how the Buyer can add you to their Purchase Plus account.

3. Add a Buyer to a Catalogue

Once you have added a Buyer to your account, you will need to assign them to a catalogue. This action links their Purchase Plus account to your catalogue, without that link Buyers cannot find your products or prices.

If a Buyer is attached to more than one catalogue and if the same product appears more than once, the cheapest price will always be displayed to the Buyer. This handy feature allows you to create and manage Special Offer Catalogues.

Update pricing/codes within Purchase Plus

You can update pricing straight into your Purchase Plus catalogues, or update pricing via an export/import spreadsheet.

All updates to prices or codes, are reflected immediately into the Buyer's view of your catalogues, as Purchase Plus is a live, web based application.

When you've finished updating your pricing, simply send your Buyer a short email to let them know you have completed the pricing for their catalogue.

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