1. Log into Purchase Plus

2. On the left side of the screen, click on [Catalogues] [Supplier Catalogues], as below. 

Note - You can only add products that are in our master catalogue. If you are unable to find the exact product & pack size that you're searching for, please refer to this guide to have the product created for you.

3. Click the green [+] button, as below, and type in the name of your new catalogue. Press 'Enter' on your keyboard to save.

Note - Please use standard Purchase Plus naming conventions for all your catalogues; [Supplier name] - [catalogue title], as below. This convention assists your buyers reporting capabilities, and their ability to identify you in their account.

4. Click on the 'eye' icon on the right side of the catalogue to go into the catalogue you just created.

5. In the [Catalogued Products] tab, click on the green [+] button to add new products from Purchase Plus' master catalogue of over 1.5 million products. 

6. Type the name of your product in the 'Pick a Product' pop up window search field to look for your products,and click on the magnifying glass, or press 'enter' on your keyboard.

Note - The search displays 25 results per page. You can move to the next page of results by clicking [>] in the bottom left of the window.

7. To add the product to your catalogue, click the [Hand Picker] icon on the right-hand side of the product.

Repeat Step 4 for each product in your catalogue. Once you have found all of your products, click the [X] in the top right of the pop up to close it.


The [In Buy List] and [Priced Categories] are features which can help you find specific products you are after with greater ease.

In Buy List - To help pinpoint which products the enabled purchasers on your catalogue are using, tick the 'In Buy List' tick box. Combined with your additional search criteria this will only show you products that are on the enabled Purchaser's Buy Lists. This will help you to identify which products you can potentially sell to the purchasers which you may not currently be aware that the purchaser is buying.

Priced Categories - The 'Priced Categories' tick box will only return results of products that are in the categories that you currently supply. 

8. There are two ways to add the price (excluding. GST/LUC for alcohol products) and the GST % amount to your product.

a. While you are still in the Pick a product pop up window, click on the item, two fields will highlight white, as below. Input your price (excl. GST) and GST %. Press 'Enter' on your keyboard to save. This product and price have been added to your catalogue.

b. In the body of your catalogue, once you have added the product, click on the name of the product and input your price (ex. gst/LUC for alcohol), and GST % amount (ie. 10/12 etc), press 'enter' on your keyboard to save the data.

This way is quicker, as you can also add your product code at the same time, on the left hand side under 'Product Code'. Type the price/gst/code into each field, pressing 'enter' on your keyboard after typing in each field.

Note - you can also update your pricing/gst/code in bulk via export/import function, more information found here.

If you need to change/edit the price/gst amount/code, double-click on the product and re-enter your price in the highlighted fields.

To delete a product, click on the [Bin] icon on the right-hand side of the product.

Your products are now loaded into your catalogue.

Before Buyers can start purchasing, you will need to link them to your Catalogue as seen in Add a Buyer to a Catalogue.

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