Purchase Plus makes it easy to offer your customers temporary pricing for products, without having to alter your existing catalogues. To do this, we will create a new catalogue exclusively for Special Offers.

Note: When you have the same product (pp_product_id) in separate Catalogues (linked to the same Buyer) with different prices, Purchase Plus will always default to the cheapest price, this is what enables us to create "Special Offer" Catalogues. 

For this feature to work, you must ensure that you use the same product description in your "Special Offer" Catalogue as the other Catalogue(s).

Step 1. Create a new catalogue and name it appropriately (See step 1 of Create a catalogue and add Products.) 

Note: Your Buyers do not see your individual Catalogues or Catalogue names, instead, they see all of your available products in one list.

Step 2. Enable all of the buyers you want the Special Offers to be available to. (See: Add a Buyers to a Catalogue)

Step 3. Taking the pp_product_id from an existing catalogue is the easiest way to ensure you are using the same product description across your regular and 'specials' catalogue. 

In [Catalogues,] [Supplier Catalogues,] [Export] one of your existing catalogues that contains the product(s) you want to include in your specials catalogue.

Wait a few seconds before refreshing your browser page until the export status shows as 'Complete.' Click the 'File name' to download your export. 

Step 4. Find the products you want to include in your specials and delete all other products. Update the 'pack_price_ex_tax' to your specials pricing.

Step 5. To prepare the file for import, clear the contents of all columns except Column A (product_code,) Column I (pack_price_ex_tax,) Column J (tax_percentage) and Column Q (pp_product_id.) The save the file.

Note: Column header must remain in tact

Step 6. In [Catalogues,] [Supplier Catalogues,] [Import] your specials catalogue data into your new specials catalogue.

Browse for your file and click [Save.]

The import 'State' will show as 'Open.' Wait a few seconds before refreshing your page. Once 'Complete, ensure that your import has been successful.

Your new pricing is now available to your customers!

Note: Customer will not be notified of pricing updates.

When the Special Offer ends,  delete the items in the catalogue. We recommend keeping the catalogue empty until you are ready to add new Special Offers.

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