There are two types of Suppliers in Purchase Plus, and we will show you how to add both:

Adding a Formal Supplier

1. Go to [Settings] [Accounts Payable] then click on the [View] icon.

2. Click the [Suppliers] tab, then the green [+ Supplier].

In the pop-up window, search for the Supplier from the dropdown, input the vendor code generate from your Accounts Payable System the in [* default supplier number] field.

Location code is only applicable if your Accounts Payable system requires it, this may be entered as 'PO BOX', 'OFFICE' or 'AUS' for example.

Note - If you cannot find the Supplier in the dropdown, the Supplier is not a member of Purchase Plus and will therefore need to be created as an Informal Supplier.

Your new Marketboomer Supplier has now been activated and added to your Accounts Payable hub in Purchase Plus.

Note - Once you have added a Supplier to your Purchase Plus account, the Supplier needs to assign you a Catalogue. See: Add a Buyer to a Catalogue

Adding an Informal Supplier

1. Download Informal Supplier Import Template.csv. To download the template, click on the link, then on [File] [Download as] [Comma-separated values .csv-current sheet]

Note - Ensure the file is saved in CSV format. Purchase Plus will reject any other file types when attempting an import.

2. Complete the template with the following information.

  • Column A - Leave blank.

  • Column B - Input Supplier's name. Compulsory.

  • Column C - Vendor code from SUN, SAP or PeopleSoft. Compulsory (If unknown, enter 'Please Edit')

  • Column D - Location Code - AUS. NZD, PO BOX or OFFICE. Only applicable for some Accounts Payable integrations.

  • Column E - Input the Supplier's business number (ABN, NZBN or Tax File Number). Compulsory

  • Column F - Input the Supplier's order email. Compulsory

  • Columns H - L - Leave blank.

  • Column M - Input the country of the Supplier (AU, NZ, GB etc.) Compulsory. See a list of the accepted country codes here.

3. In Purchase Plus, got to [Settings] [Accounts Payable] and [View].

4. In the [Supplier Imports] tab, click the green [+ Supplier Imports].

5. In the pop-up window, select [Choose File] to browse for the Informal Supplier Import Template you created earlier, then click [Save].

6. The import [State] will show as 'Open'. Wait a few seconds before refreshing the page. The [State] will now show as 'Complete'. The [Import Information] will confirm how many Suppliers were imported and [Import Error File Name] will show if there have been any import errors.

Your Supplier and Vendor Code has now been imported into Purchase Plus and will appear on your [My Supplier] list.

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