What is a Paperless Invoice Email Address?

  • A dedicated, property-specific email address for receiving ePDF/PDF invoices.

  • The invoice will appear in Purchase Plus for approval & processing.

  • No manual data entry is needed.

Where can I find the Paperless Invoice Email Address?

  • You can find the email address under [Suppliers] [My Suppliers] in the left-hand menu.

  • The one email address can be used for all supplier invoices.

  • The address is unique to your Purchase Plus Properties Account.

Can I send invoices from any supplier?

  • Yes, you can send in all invoices from suppliers.

  • The invoice must be in ePDF or PDF format.

  • Ensure you only have 1 invoice per PDF.

What is the difference between a PDF and an ePDF invoice?

  • All PDF files start as an ePDF or a system-generated PDF. When you open these, you can search and copy text. On the other hand, a scanned PDF is an image of the original ePDF that you've captured with a scanner and that no longer retains the embedded, searchable text.

What if the invoice does not appear?

Reach out to your Finance team directly for further assistance.

Can I send credit notes to Purchase Plus?

  • While the Paperless Invoicing platform is only configured to read invoices, sending through a Credit Note, is possible and the Credit Note will appear as a negative invoice.

Can I send statements?

  • No, statements can not be sent to the Paperless Invoice Email address and can not be processed in Purchase Plus.

What happens if the invoice is a duplicate?

  • Purchase Plus, does not allow duplicate invoice numbers, and any duplicate invoice will not appear in Purchase Plus

What do I need to look out for when reviewing invoices?

  • It is strongly recommended that invoices are reviewed by the responsible individuals on a one-by-one basis to confirm that the expenditure is warranted and approved.

  • Ensure the invoice is allocated to the correct [Department] & [Account Code]

Check the following items on an invoice:

  • Invoice Number

  • Invoice Date

  • PDF Copy

  • Department & Account Code

  • Invoice Tax Total

  • Invoice Total (Including Tax)

  • Invoice Line Item Description

  • Pack Size

  • Quantity

  • Unit price

  • Tax %

  • Journal Entries

  • View help guide: Invoicing Only Module: Review & Approve Invoices

How do I cost off individual invoice line items to a different department, and/pr account code?

How do I Approve Flagged Invoices?

  • After you have reviewed the invoice, go to [Documents] [Invoices] and select the [Flagged Invoices] tab.

  • Find the invoice you want to reconcile and click the [Approve] button in the Operational or Financial Approve columns (whichever you have Approver Status for.)

  • Flagged Invoices will not be sent to Reconciled Invoices until both Operational and Financial Approval has been actioned.

How do I know if an invoice is paid?

  • You can not see if an invoice is paid by Finance. However, you can see if an invoice has the status [Processed], which means the Finance team, has transferred the invoice to accounts payable system for payment.

Can I restore a deleted invoice?

Why aren't my invoices being scanned correctly?

Why was my invoice deleted by a user outside my organisation?

  • If this is the case, please reach out to Marketboomer support.

Why is my invoice flagging?

Does P+i look for possible duplicate invoice numbers?

  • No, if the invoice number is a duplicate, and it has the same Supplier and Purchaser, the invoice will become "Invalid". The system will not look to see if the invoice number matches another invoice and will send through both even if they are almost identical.

How does the Supplier name get applied?

  • Supplier selection and validation uses a few fields to match the Supplier correctly to the invoice. The system will look for the ABN and Supplier name on the invoice, the domain which it was sent from as well as PO number.

  • Whatever is found first will be used to then validate against other fields to confirm it has the right Supplier on the invoice.

  • If the system cannot match the Supplier against the information that it has available, the invoice will get 'Stuck'.

How do I run reports for my invoices?

  • To access snapshots in Purchase Plus, go to [Dashboard] - [Snapshots] and view [Invoices Snapshots].

  • Select the snapshot you would like to run.

  • To generate a new snapshot, select the green [+] icon in the top left corner.

  • View help guide: Invoices Snapshots

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