1. Within an invoice, select the [Journal Entries] tab:

2. The information displayed on this screen originates from the Invoice [Lines] tab.

The [Department] and [Account code] are searchable in their respective drop-down boxes. Alternatively, users can free-type in the field to search for their preferred department/account code.

Once you have made a change, press [enter] on your keyboard to save.

3. Where splitting an item amongst a number of Departments is required, proceed by selecting the green [+] to add a new journal entry.

4. The [context] field drop-down contains the items currently listed on your invoice. Select the item that you wish to split.

5. Select the [Department] and [Account], give the Journal Entry a [description] if required.

Enter the [Debit] amount that will be charged to this department and account code combination. Once completed, click [Save].

6. Your new journal entry line will be added as seen below:

7. You will need to amend the original line item value to reflect the cost being split to the other department.

Failure to do so, will present as an imbalance on the invoice header, as seen below:

8. You have now successfully adjusted an invoice line.

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