You can only approve a Flagged Invoice if you have been given the Financial or Operational Approver Status. It is strongly recommended that invoices are reviewed by the responsible individuals, on a one-by-one basis, to confirm that the expenditure is warranted and approved.

1. In [Documents] [Invoices] select the [Flagged Invoices] tab.

By default, the tab will show invoices that are awaiting your approval. If you wish to view all invoices awaiting approval, deselect [Awaiting My Approval].

2. Find the Invoice you want to review and click on the Invoice [Document Number]. The invoice will open up.

3. Review the following items on an invoice:

  • Invoice Number

  • Invoice Date

  • PDF Copy

  • Department & Account Code

  • Invoice Tax Total

  • Invoice Total (Including Tax)

  • Invoice Line Item Description

  • Pack Size

  • Quantity

  • Unit price

  • Tax %

  • Journal Entries

4. Ensure you have selected the correct [Department] & [Account Code] in the invoice header, as this is where the invoice will be charged to.

5. If you require, to cost off individual invoice line items to a different department and/or account code, please follow the help guide: Split Invoice Line Items via Invoice Journal Entries.

6. Once reviewed, click the [Approve] button in the Operational or Financial Approve columns (whichever you have Approver Status for.)

Note - Flagged Invoices will not be sent to Reconciled Invoices, until both Operational and Financial Approval has been actioned. Your Flagged Invoice has now been sent to Reconciled Invoices.

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