Exporting a list of your Suppliers is easy with Purchase Plus.

1. Use the left-hand menu to navigate to [Suppliers], [My Suppliers] and click on the [Export] button at the bottom left of your screen.

The file will download as a .csv file.

The following columns explained:

  • Supplier is verified - 'TRUE' means that the supplier is a Purchase Plus Formal Supplier. 'FALSE' means it is an Informal Supplier.

  • Preferred supplier - 'TRUE' means that the Supplier is an Accor Preferred Supplier.

  • Enabled? - 'TRUE' means that the Supplier is currently active and being used by the hotel.

  • Purchaser price preferred - allow the Buyer to create 'Self-managed' products and pricing on behalf of the Supplier.

  • Paperless invoicing email address - the email address the Supplier uses to send invoices to the hotel.

  • Outboxes - the email address that Purchase Orders are sent to.

  • Punchout enabled - does the Supplier use Punchout, allowing Buyers to access a Supplier's website from Purchase Plus.

  • Default category - the default Marketboomer category assigned to the Supplier.

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