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FAQs & Troubleshooting
FAQs & Troubleshooting

Come across something unusual in Purchase Plus? Pop in here to see if we can help.

How do I Delete a Processed Invoice?
Why is my Journal Entry total out of balance?
What is the difference between processed and reconciled invoices?
Why am I not seeing the actual product line descriptions on my invoice?
Linked/ Unlinked Invoice Line items explained
Is there a way to mark an invoice as ‘Processed’ in Purchase Plus without actually processing it?
Can I update an Invoice once it's been Reconciled?
If I accidentally attach the incorrect Purchase Order to an Invoice, can this be fixed?
What is the date range on documents that Purchase Plus can process?
Can I re-open a Cancelled or Processed Credit Note?
Edit Invoice Reference without opening Invoice
My invoice numbers have spaces in them, will this be a problem for Purchase Plus?
Can you change the date on an invoice that has been processed?
We forgot to receive our goods to Inventory when we receipted the Invoice, what do we do to add them now?
How do I move an invoice back to a Flagged state?
Can I link multiple Purchase Orders to one Invoice?
Is it possible to link an Invoice to a Purchase Order if the Purchase Order is for a different Supplier?
If I attached the invoice to the Purchase Order after I received the order, what will the price be in Inventory?
Why do some Invoices sent by the Supplier to Purchase Plus I take a while to show up?
My Invoice has been sent to our invoicing email address, but it is not showing up yet, where is it?
I’ve scanned an Invoice to Purchase Plus email address as a PDF, but I can only see a line item summary with no products showing, why?
Some invoices are out of balance by only $-0.03, how do I fix this?
The Invoice tax total is out of balance, how do I fix it?
Is there a way that we can detach a purchase order from the invoice?
Reduce Amount of Flagged Invoices
Delete Invoices from Purchase Plus
Process or Delete a Cancelled Invoice
Why can’t I link multiple Invoices to a Credit Note?
The Invoice has a wrong date/invoice number, how do I fix it?
Process Credit Notes manually
Why can I see invoices that need my Approval from our other 'child' properties, even though I’m not set as an Approver for the individual property(ies)?
Why aren't all Account Codes displayed when adding codes to Purchase Orders or Invoices? And what do I do if I don't know the Department or Account code?
Why can't I add the Account Code to an Invoice?
My Invoices are in 'Open' Status, what does that mean, and how to fix it?
Why can't I create a manual invoice for a Supplier that is newly created, or newly added to the Accounts Payable hub?
Why do Paperless Invoices default to the Buyer as the Department, rather than being allocated to the assigned Department?
I am having trouble processing invoices, when I click [Process] it freezes?
Move a Processed Invoice back to 'Reconciled' stage
Important Changes to PDF Paperless Invoicing - a detailed explanation

How do I split packages for Inventory?
How to delete empty Stock Levels
Update/add Department in a Stock Location
Link Products in Inventory
Is it possible to see the total value of a Stock Transfer?
How do I calculate the Direct Purchase Value in my Stock Reconciliation Inventory Report?
I have a value in the 'Price Adjustment Value' of my Stock Reconciliation report. Where does this come from?
How can I complete weekly stock takes in Purchase Plus?
Limit Certain Users to a particular Stock Location
Print Stock Take Sheets by Category without starting a new Stock take
Can I delete an open or duplicate open stocktake?
Why doesn't my stocktake list include my linked products?
Link Products when the Supplier sends a different Brand to the one ordered
Record Temperatures of Received Goods for HACCP
Stop a Certain Product from being Ordered in Error
Can I change the price/value of an item in a closed stock take?
Transfer Recipes as one Item between Stock Locations
Enter or Update par levels in Inventory?
I am having trouble importing my stock take back into stock location, why am I getting an error message?
Does Purchase Plus automatically update the Inventory period to the current month, or do I have to manually change it?
Can I adjust the value of a product when I do a stock transfer? And can I adjust the value of a Purchase Order to match the Invoice?
How do we use the Par level function in the Inventory module?
Change Item/Unit Value in Stock Location
Why can’t I delete a product from Inventory?
What is the difference between a Stock Transfer and a Stock Variance?
Why can't I create a Stock Transfer?
Is there a report that will show me what stock has been transferred to a Location, and if I transferred it correctly?
Adjust Stock Levels
Allow Negative Stock Levels
Why is the 'Stock Movement' report showing “0” for the Cost of Goods Sold quantity for this month?
Can I do a Stocktake for just one Stock Location/Outlet? And how do I do that?
Why does the Stocktake status show last month instead of the current month?
We are trying to do our stocktake for the current month, but I can only see last month, what do I do?
I have beverage transfers to do, but I have clicked 'Start All' under Stocktake. Will this change the current stock quantity if the transfers are approved after that button is clicked?
While I was doing stocktake I found and updated an item with an incorrect price, how will this affect Stocktake?
Add products to Stock take, that are not in the Stock Location in Purchase Plus
Can I clear stock variances during a Stocktake?
Clear Expense Locations and View Stock Value once Cleared
Why can’t I close my Stocktake, even though variances are at '0'?
Can I delete a closed Stocktake?