There are two ways to correct this, and don't worry this does happen from time to time.

Please follow one of the below suggestions.

  • If the Stock take is still open, complete a Stock Transfer from the product's current Stock Location into the new Stock Location, then record the quantity in the open Stock take. Please follow the below steps, or check out this article, Creating a Direct Stock Transfer.

1. From 'Dashboard', go to [Inventory] [Stock Location].

2. Type the name of the Stock Location where the item currently is, in the 'Search for Stock Locations' search field, and [Search].

When the desired Stock Location name appears, click on the name highlighted in 'blue', as below.

3. In the Stock Location screen, click on [Transfers] tab, second tab from the left. Click on the 'green' [+New] button, top left-hand side of the screen, and click on [Stock Transfer] in the drop-down, as below.

4. The [Origin] will default to the Stock Location that this Transfer is being created in, in this case 'Cafe101', and is unchangeable at this screen.

Under [Destination] choose the desired new Stock Location from the drop-down box and click [Save].

4. In the Stock Transfer screen, click on the little [calendar] icon and select the date the Transfer needs to be completed on.

5. Type the name of the item in the [Search for Transfer Items] search field, and [Search].

Or scroll down on the mouse to manually search for the product.

6. When the desired product displays, enter a very small quantity in the [Quantity] column, in this case '0.1', and click the 'yellow' [Complete] button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen.

7. The product will now appear in the desired Stock Location's Stock take sheet. Return to the 'Open' Stock take and enter the quantity counted in the product's line and [Complete]. The product will now be attributed to the correct stock Location in the Stock take.

  • Alternatively, if the Stock take has been marked as 'Completed', please create a new Stock take for the same period just for that particular product. Check out this article for more information, Month End Process & Processing Stocktakes.

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