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  • Buyers (Hotels)


Paperless Invoices

  • Paperless Invoicing email addresses

  • Supplier ABNs

  • Manually matching Invoices to a PO

  • Journal Entries

  • Unlinked items

  • Pending Invoices

Purchase Orders

  • Sending POs & Auto-send

  • Send to Supplier vs Sending

  • Consolidating POs

  • Deliveries


  • Buy List Requisitions

  • Informal Requisitions

  • Requisition Approval

Inventory and Month End

Inventory - General

  • Internal Requisitions

  • Receiving to Inventory

  • Direct Transfers

  • Stock Adjustments

Supplier Management

General Administration of Purchase Plus

Approval Workflows & Invoice Approvers

Recipe Management

Snapshot Reports

Buy List Management

  • Create & updating Buy Lists

  • 0/0 quote Buy Lists for non-operating teams.

  • Blocking products

  • Limiting suppliers

  • Pricing history

  • Exporting for backup

  • Sending to supplier for more quotes

Self-Managed Pricing

  • Informal suppliers

  • Building Self-managed pricing catalogues

  • How to get price comparison on existing items

  • Exporting and importing for price updates

COVID Special - Workflows & Invoice Approvers

  • Suppliers


Customers, Products and Pricing

• Managing Customers & Catalogues

• Updating products and pricing

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