1. Download Informal Supplier Import Template.

2. Complete the template with the following information 

  • Column A. Leave blank.

  • Column B. Input Supplier's name. Compulsory.

  • Column C. Vendor code from SUN, SAP or PeopleSoft. Compulsory.

  • Column D. PO BOX or OFFICE. Compulsory for PeopleSoft ONLY.

  • Column E. Input Supplier's business number (ABN).

  • Column F & G. Input the supplier's order email. Compulsory

  • Column H to L. Input Supplier's address

  • Column M. Postal address country (AU, NZ, GB, SG etc.) Compulsory. See a list of the accepted country codes here. You must use the two digit country code.

3. In Purchase Plus, got to [Settings] [Accounts Payable] and [View.]

4. In the [Supplier Imports] tab, click the green [+ Supplier Imports]

5. In the pop-up window, select [Choose File] to browse for the Informal Supplier Import Template you created earlier, then click [Save].

6. The import [State] will show as 'Open'. Wait a few seconds before refreshing the page. The [State] will now show as 'Complete'. The [Import Information] will confirm how many Suppliers were imported and [Import Error File Name] will show if there have been any import errors.

Your Suppliers and Vendor Codes have now been imported into Purchase Plus.

For more information, view: Add a Supplier

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