This is an example of a Market Share by Customer report for the time period specified at the time of creation. Market Share by Customer reports can include data for up to the last 2 years.

This report shows exactly what products within the Supplier's chosen categories the Customer has been buying for the selected date period.

  • Column A - Pp Product Id - This is the Product description unique identifier. It's possible to add products to Catalogues using this number alone.

  • Column B - Category

  • Column C - Sub-Category

  • Column D - Brand

  • Column E - Product Description 

  • Column F - Sell Unit

  • Column G -  Supplier Product Code

  • Column H - Catalogue Title - Shows which of, if any, of your Catalogues the product is contained within. If the cell is blank, this product is not in any catalogue

  • Column I - Unit Prices - This shows the price(s) of the product within the Catalogue(s) named in Column H

  • Column  J - Total Sold - The quantity of the product that the Supplier has sold to this Customer.

  • Column K - Total Ordered - The total quantity of this product ordered by the Customer from all Suppliers.

  • Column L - Rank - Rank 1 = The product the Customer spent the most money on during the selected date period.

  • Column M - % Won - What percentage of the Total Ordered product this Supplier sold to the Customer.

There are 3 main searches to perform using this data

  • Filter out all the 0% and 100% in Column M. This will show you all the products this Customer is buying some, but not all of, from the Supplier.

  • Filter out the blanks from Column H. This will remove any products that are not in a Catalogue. Next, show only the 0% in Column M. This filter combination shows you products that are in Catalogues, but that the Customer is not buying

  • Show only blanks in Column H. These are products that are not contained within a Catalogue that the customer is buying from other Suppliers

Using this information, you now know which products to add and prices to update in your Catalogues. (See: Update products and pricing in a spreadsheet)

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