This is an example of a 12 month Market Share by Movement report.

The numbers represent the percentage of the customer's total purchases the Supplier is supplying them within the Supplier's chosen categories for the last 12 months. The months are displayed with the most recent (Month to Date) on the left. You should therefore read the report right to left.

Example: We can see that The Westin Sydney (row 45) bought 21.68  % of their products from this Supplier's categories from this supplier in June (column C.)

0% - The Customer are buying from the chosen Categories but not currently buying them from the Supplier and are therefore, potential new Customers.

Blank cells - The Customer is not buying products from the chosen Categories.

There are 3 patterns you should look for in a Market Share by Movement report:

  • Consistent percentages - These Customers are buying a consistent portion of their total purchases from the Supplier. 

  • Increasing percentages - These customers are buying more each month.

  • Decreasing percentages - These customers are buying less each month. 

With this data, you can see when  customers started buying more/less from you, which should make it easier to identify the reason for their change in buying habits, positive or negative.

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