1. Once you have finished creating your various Roles, navigate to [Settings] >[Approval Workflows] > [Workflows] and click the green [+] button to create a new Workflow.

2. Name your new workflow in [Title], for [Resource Type] select 'Lite Requisitioning (Purchasing)' and choose [Event] as 'Approve'.

You have two options you can choose here:

  • [Approval in ranked order]

    • This option is typically turned on for most approval workflows

    • As soon as a Purchase Requisition is approved by a rank that has the right approval limit set, the other ranks will not need to approve it and it will be sent off as a Purchase Order. For example, if the PR value is $400 and the 1st rank has a 'Maximum value' of $500, the 2nd, 3rd and any further ranks will be skipped.

    • When selected: Example, the approval for $1000 will first go to Rank 1 =$100, followed by Rank 2=$500... until it's approved by the appropriate rank that can approve $1000.

    • When not selected, the approval will be sent to all ranks that need to approve, e.g. rank 3 can approve before rank 1 or 2 have approved.

  • [Skip approval if over max value]

    • When selected, the approval request will only be sent to the approval rank with the appropriate allowance to approve.

Once you selected your options, press 'Enter' and the [View] icon will appear, click the [View] icon to go into your new workflow.

3. To add a new Rank to the workflow, click the green [+] [Maximum value] is the maximum dollar($) amount this Rank can approve on a single Requisition.

Note - this value is based on the item value including tax). If you tick the [Unlimited] checkbox, the Rank will be able to approve any Requisition amount.

If there is only one person in this rank, the [Minimum approvers] should be set to 1, however, if there are multiple people in this rank, the [Minimum approvers] should be set to the minimum number of people that need to approve the Requisition in this Rank.

Click the [View] icon to go into the Rank details.

4. To add a Role to this rank, click the green [+] button. If this Role should be obligated to approve requisitions, no matter the value, tick the [Compulsory] checkbox.

Then, from the [Roles] drop-down, select the appropriate role name and press 'Enter' on your keyboard.

Repeat Steps 6 & 7 for every level of Approval in the workflow. Note - The last Rank in every Workflow should have the [Maximum Value] set to 'Unlimited'

You have now created a new Approval Workflow. To attach it to a Department, see this help guide.

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