Step 1. In [Customers] [ My Customers] select the Customer you want to view by clicking on their name.

Step 2. Click on the [Assigned Trading Catalogues] tab.

Step 3. You can now see all the Catalogues you have attached to this Customer (blue), as well as "Self managed Pricing" catalogues your customers may have created (black.) 

Note*: Your customers see all of your cataloged products in one combined catalogue and cannot see the Catalogue names. If you have the same product listed within different Catalogues for the same Customer, Purchase Plus will display the cheapest price. This is enables you to create "special offer" Catalogues. (See: Create and maintain a special offers Catalogue)

Note**: If you have Catalogues loaded into Purchase Plus, it is highly unlikely that your customer will have Self-Managed Pricing Catalogues for your business. For more information on Self Managed Pricing, see: Create Self Managed Pricing Catalogues

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