In [Settings] [Delivery Outboxes] You can see all the methods of receiving Purchase Orders on your account. The [Default] method is what will be assigned to all new customers on your account. All non-default methods are available to be assigned to individual customers.

Note - Only one default can be ticked.

To change a delivery outbox method, click on any of the details and edit accordingly, then press 'Enter' on your keyboard to save.

Note - If using fax, ensure you input the country code at the beginning of the number.

To create a new Delivery Outbox, click the green [+] button, input the details accordingly, then press 'Enter' on your keyboard to save.

Type - Select email or fax.
External URL - Input the email address or fax number ensuring to include the country code for fax numbers.
Export Format - select 'Default Purchase Order Format'.
Attachment Format - select 'Default Supplier Purchase Order XML format'.
Is Default - leave unticked.

To assign a specific Customer to a non-default delivery outbox, go to [Customers] [My Customers] search for the customer's name  and click on their current [Outbox]
From the dropdown, select the Delivery Outbox you want to assign them and press 'Enter' on your keyboard to save.

This Buyer's Purchase Orders will now be received to the selected Delivery Outbox.

For more information on the costs related to receiving Purchase Orders.

See: Australia Supplier Fees.

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