1. In [Documents] [Purchase Orders] Search for the PO and then click the [Truck] icon to create a Goods Received Note.

2. In the newly created Goods Received Note, enter the quantities of the goods you have received in the [Quantities] column and press 'Enter' on your keyboard to save, then click the [Receive] button.

Note - If you want to create an Invoice for this order immediately, click the green [+ Invoice] button, which will also generate the receipt of the goods. See: Create a Manual Invoice against a Purchase Order.

If you receive all goods ordered, the [Truck] will turn green. 

2a. If you only receive part of the goods ordered, the [Truck] will turn yellow, indicating that the PO has only been partially received.

When the outstanding goods are delivered, click the [Truck] to create another Goods Received note. Enter the quantities of goods received and click the [Receive] button. You should repeat this process until all goods are received and the [Truck] turns green.

2b. If, for whatever reason, the back order is cancelled, you will need to manually close the Purchase Order, so missing goods are not incorrectly accrued for.

To do so, click on the Purchase Order number and then on the yellow [Close] button in the bottom right of the screen. 

3. Your goods have now been received.

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