Important Note to Ensure Price Accuracy in Inventory:
The inventory value is calculated from the Receiving Note quantities and the unit price from the Invoice. Therefore, it is very important to receive the goods

(note - this marks all quantities as fully received unless amended beforehand) and link the Invoice to the Purchase Order before you return to the Goods Received Note.

See help guides:

1. In [Documents] [Purchase Orders] find the Purchase Order that you want to Receive into Inventory. Click on the [Truck/Receiving Note] that is related to this Purchase Order.

2. From the [Destination] dropdown, select the location you want to receive your stock to and hit [Enter] on your keyboard.

If you are receiving stock to inventory after the actual date of receipt, select the date you physically received the stock in the [Physical Date] field.

3. Update any of the items' quantity if only some items have been received. This will be make the Purchase Order "partially received".

Change the quantity if desired and press [Enter] on your keyboard.

4. Click the yellow [Receive to Inventory] button in the bottom right of the screen.

5. Your stock has now been received to the Inventory.

If only part of the Purchase Order was received, you will be able to receive the remaining items using the [Yellow truck] icon from the Purchase Orders page.

Note - If the destination location is locked (Stock take in progress), the newly created transfer will remain in an open state, though it can be completed manually now to effect the open stock take or after the stock take has been closed to effect the new period.

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