1. In [Documents] [Invoices] search for the Invoice you intend attaching the Credit Note to and open it by clicking on the [Document Number].

2. Click on the green [+ Credit Note] in the bottom right of the invoice screen.

3. When the pop-up appears, enter the missing details and then click [Save].

4. Enter the quantity of the item you want a Credit Note for, and make sure the 'Unit Price' and 'Tax Percentage' are correct. The total of the items should equal the Credit Note Total and Tax Total.

Note - if you have not linked the Invoice line items to the Purchase Order line items prior to processing the Invoice, you will need to add these line items manually using the green plus above.

5. Once the numbers in the 'Balancing' header are green, click [Release].

Note - releasing a Credit Note move the Credit Note to 'reconciled'. Completing a Credit Note moves it to the next status, i.e. 'Flagged'.

6. In [Reconciled Credit Notes], search for the Credit Note and click the yellow [Process] button next to the Invoice.

Your Credit Note has now been processed.

Note - If you raise a Credit Note related to Inventory Stock, the stock will not adjust automatically. Please do a Stock Adjustment.

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