By creating a Punchout Requisition, you can use the full functionality of a supplier's website to order your goods. The information will automatically populate for you in Purchase Plus to continue through your normal Approval, Receiving, Invoice and Payment processes.

1. In [Documents]  [Requisitions,] click on [+ Requisition].

2. Select 'Punchout' from the [Use Products From] and“Recognition ID” from [The List] then click [Save].

3. Purchase Plus will now re-direct you to Recognition ID’s website. Order the items from the website as you would normally, filling in appropriate fields and press the "Add To Basket".

4. To view what’s currently in your basket, click on [Cart] or [View Basket] option after adding the item. Check the items that you have ordered are correct. Your can then [Proceed to Checkout.]

5. Enter the fields that are mandatory highlighted by red asterisks on Recognition ID’s website. Tick the [I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions] check box, then click [Place Order]. 

6. This will now create an Informal Requisition. Continue as usual by filling out the Requisition Header i.e. Account Code, Department, etc.

7. You can now [Submit] [Approve] and [Send] the Requisition as you normally would. 

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