1.  In [Documents] - [Purchase Orders] select the [Not Sent] tab. This will show you all the requisitions that have been approved but not yet sent.

2. Tick the checkboxes of Purchase Orders that you wish to consolidate, then click the [Consolidate] button. The system will now consolidate Purchase Orders that belong to the same supplier.

Note: You can also search for the supplier's Purchase Orders to consolidate those only.

3. Once the Purchase Orders have been consolidated, it will be issued with a new Purchase Order Number. A symbol will appear next to the PO Number to show that this is a Consolidated Purchase Order.

4. Proceed to send your Purchase Orders as usual. View help guide: Send Purchase Orders.

Note: To undo the Consolidation, open the Purchase Order by clicking on the document number and click the [Undo Consolidation] button. This can only be done if the Purchase Order hasn’t been sent.

Users can still search for the original Purchase Order number, and Purchase Plus will return the consolidated PO number in its place.

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