Importing to the Point of Sale module will create a Sale that upon success performs a Sales Transfer that decrements certain items from Inventory locations. Direct integration via API can also be used if supported.

Before a Sale can be successfully created via the POS module, you need to have the following:

  • Point of Sale paid module enabled/included

  • Inventory paid module enabled/included

  • Inventory locations set up with the stock items loaded

  • POS Outlet Code is linked to an Inventory Stock Location

  • A unique PLU code is set to correlate with your stock item(s)

    • This is either set up in the Buy List or as a Recipe to combine multiple items as a sellable product

  • Price set for your product/recipe

Setting your unique PLU codes

For recipes, I have created a simple 'Bourbon & Coke' recipe and entered in '1012020001' as the 'Code':

Note - For each Recipe you create, this will automatically add a product to your generic Buy List. Do not change the PLU code for the product in the Buy List for this product as it will not successfully change the PLU code.

Same recipe added to the 'Buyer Training Account Catalogue' for the 'Buyer Training Account' organisation:

For Buy Lists, where you have specific products that should be decremented/sold as is, you can set the PLU code here:

For creating a sale for the 'Bourbon & Coke' recipe, I have confirmed the stock items are in the location and there is enough quantity to decrement:

Importing via file

Now that everything is set up, I can perform a POS Sale via import.

  1. First, download the POS Import Format template here as a CSV.

  2. Update the values and information based on what was sold:

    1. The 'check_number' field is optional. This is used so that you can find the actual check number is in your POS system.

    2. The transaction date should be in either YYY-MM-DD or MM/DD/YYY format

  3. Save your file as a CSV

  4. On PurchasePlus, navigate to [Point Of Sale], [Imports]

  5. Click the green [ + ] button and find your file

  6. Click [Save] and your Sale will begin to process

  7. First the Sale will move into an 'Open' state before being processed

  8. Once the file has finished processing, it will move into either a 'Failed' or 'Imported' state

  9. If it is 'Imported', it still needs to be approved

  10. Open the import using the [ Eye ] button

  11. Click the green [Approve] button in the bottom-right to approve it

  12. This will now create an 'Open' Sale which can be viewed under [Point Of Sale], [Sales]

  13. To complete the transfer, open the Sale

  14. Now click the yellow [Transfer] button in the bottom-right to complete

If there are failed lines, there will be error messages. If you need help on troubleshooting POS issues, check out the Troubleshooting POS issues guide here.

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