AStore Shop - Q2 2022

Get caught up with a review of our latest features and bug fixes for AStore Shop!

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Welcome to our first review of new feature releases and bug fixes for AStore Shop.

1. Pay-Before-Delivery - New Type of Trade Relationship for Buyers and Suppliers

This type of Trade Relationship is applied when the Supplier is willing to accept orders from a Buyer, without having pre-agreed to any trading terms. The orders received by the Supplier may not be shipped until the Buyer organises a payment to the Supplier. This new feature is intended to reduce friction between Buyers and Suppliers transacting on AStore Shop. Once a Pay-Before-Delivery relationship is in place between a Buyer and a Supplier, it can be upgraded at a later stage to Formal Trading, once both parties have organised and agreed to their trading terms. New and Existing Buyers on AStore Shop will be able to initiate a Pay-Before-Delivery type trade relationship with any Supplier who offers this as an option. We're currently working with Suppliers and Buyers to organise these new Pay-Before-Delivery relationships, and further information will be provided on this in the coming weeks.

2. Trade Relationship Status Visible on Shop

An indicator of the type of relationship has been added to the shop when viewing products from Suppliers as well as in the Supplier Directory.

A truck and coin icon indicates when the relationship the Buyer has with the Supplier is 'Pay-Before-Delivery', whereas an invoice/document icon indicates that it is a 'Formal Trading' relationship.

3. Switch between Different Properties or Organisations

Users who have access to multiple properties or organisations can now 'Switch Organisation' using the menu under 'My Account'. This enables the user to place orders on behalf of one specific property, and then change their session and place orders with a different property.

If you would like to have purchasing access to multiple properties, please speak with your AStore Shop representative.

4. Supplier Banner Image Carousel

Support has now been added for multiple images to be added as a carousel on the AStore Shop homepage, allowing multiple products or Suppliers to be promoted in the banner image area.

6. Individual Minimum Order Value notifications

Based on the Supplier's minimum value for a single orders, a warning will now appear in the the 'Shopping Cart' page if the current Ex-Tax total for a certain Supplier is beneath the Minimum Order Value decided by the Supplier. The user will not be prevented from placing the order, however the Supplier may charge additional delivery fees to the Buyer after the order has been placed.

7. Approval Workflows Now Supported

Before becoming a 'Purchase Order', a 'Purchase Requisition' can be sent for approval and approved or denied by a specific approving User at your organisation. The approving user will see orders awaiting their approval when on the 'View Orders' page. The approving user can decide to approve or decline an order awaiting their approval.

These approval workflows will need to be set up first by your admin user.

8. Product Image Uploading Now Supported

Our team, along with the support of our amazing Suppliers have been hard at work to fill AStore Shop with product images for our users. Suppliers now have the ability to upload proprietary product images to their own products via our PurchasePlus platform too, so please reach out your PurchasePlus representative if you are a Supplier wishing to add images to your products.

9. Long Descriptions Available for Supplier catalogues

Supplier can now add in a 'long description' to their products to allow for additional information to be added to a product listing. The Supplier can add on or more paragraphs of descriptive text on each product, as needed. The long description is visible to a browsing Buyer when they click on a product.

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