It's certainly been a while since our last quarterly release notes due to some exciting projects that have been happening behind-the-scenes. Our Engineering Team have definitely been busy and we're looking forward to future updates regarding enhancements to our PurchasePlus products!

Exciting News! We take our customer feedback seriously and we're planning some very exciting improvements to our product suite in 2022 and beyond. We would like to invite you to join our User research sessions and work with us to create a product that is powerful, while also simple and enjoyable to learn and use. If you'd like to be part of a research group and help us to build a better product please complete our simple User Research Group Registration Form and we will be in touch!

Features Released 🚀

1. Internal Buy lists Can Be Viewed and Used By Department Users

Hotels and parent organisations can now manage their Internal Requisition Buy Lists more efficiently as they can be viewed and used in department/child organisations. These Buy Lists can be found when creating an Internal Requisition and under the 'Catalogues' section.

2. Pay-Before-Delivery - New Type of Trade Relationship for Buyers and Suppliers

This type of Trade Relationship is applied when the Supplier is willing to accept orders from a Buyer, without having pre-agreed to any trading terms. The orders received by the Supplier may not be shipped until the Buyer organises a payment to the Supplier. This new feature is intended to reduce friction between Buyers and Suppliers transacting. We're currently working with Suppliers and Buyers to organise these new Pay-Before-Delivery relationships, and further information will be provided on this in the coming weeks.

Find out more about Trade Relationships here

3. Support for Zebra Printer Exports when Printing Barcodes

We've provided an additional export format that enables you to print create an output file that can be printed on a Zebra printer. This helps to supports the Stocktake app when performing stock counts at the end of the month, by using our Stocktake app to scan the barcode.

The format of a ZPL file:

Find out more about our Stocktake app

4. Accounts Payable Export Format Support for Great Plains

A new export format was completed for a key customer to support their accounting system - Great Plains. This export format supports splitting invoices across departments and different organisations, taxable and non-taxable costing, input tax and capex costs.

5. Improved Error Reporting for POS Sales

When importing sale lines to the Point of Sales module, a 'Summary' tab has been added to show the state of the individual item lines within the Sale. The existing Sale "State" column (shown below) being 'complete' shows that the overall format of the import was successful, and that the Sale transfer has been actioned by the system. This was not always a reliable indication of the individual item lines within the Sale, and hence now we have included the new "Summary" column. The Summary cell provides detail on whether each of the items included in the sale were received without any issues. For example, when importing a Sale from a third-party Point of Sale system, one or more of the items may not be recognised in PurchasePlus, or there may not have been sufficient quantity of that item in the stock location to decrement.

6. New Check Number Column for POS Sale Lines

In addition to the Summary column described above, to better track the Sale that was made on the third-party Point of Sale system, a new column has been included for the 'check number' within each item line in each Sale. The Check Number be directly sent via API for integrated third-party POS systems such as the Shiji Infrasys solution, or it can be included in manually imported sales for non-integrated POS systems.

7. Subcategory Now Mandatory for Informal Products

When selecting a 'category' for a Supplier or Informal Product, you will now be unable to select a parent category type and instead will need to select a 'Subcategory'. This ensures we have improved data for reporting on Products and Suppliers going forward.

8. Support for Sale Price in Inventory and Barcode Export

Note - this feature is only applicable when exporting and printing barcodes. The Sale Price value won't be useable or viewable outside of the Inventory location 'Stock Levels' page.

We have a new column that can be made visible at Inventory locations, allowing you to enter a 'Sale price' to be used for printing barcodes.

The Sale Price will be available when exporting and importing stock levels.

There is an option to then print barcodes using either the 'Unit Price' or 'Sale Price'.

9. URL Added to SUN 4 Accounts Payable format

A link back to the invoice including the URL has been included in the Accounts Payable Invoice export for the 'SUN Version 4 Flat File format (with document URL)' export format.

Bugs Squashed 🐛

1. Fixed Data Issues for Suppliers when Assigning Trading Catalogues

We have resolved an issue experienced by some Suppliers when adding or managing Buyers to the assigned trading catalogues.

2. Access to Market Share Reports for Suppliers

An issue we were experiencing granting access to the Market Share reports for premium Suppliers was resolved.

3. Additional Column to Manage and Remove Duplicate PLU Codes

Via a new column in the 'party products' page within an organisation, PLU codes can now be managed and removed when assigned to products that may have been deleted.

4. End of Month Stocktake Issues

Previously due to data issues when creating stock level items, there have been some users who required assistance to perform their Stocktakes effectively. These issues have been investigated and fixes have been put in place to help future end of month Stocktakes.

5. Internal Requisitions Included in the Transfers Journals

When creating a Transfer Journals export, a fix has been applied to ensure that Internal Requisition transfers are included in the export.

6. Accrual Snapshot Using the Invoice Header Fields

Fix applied to use the invoice header fields in the Accrual Snapshots snapshot rather than taking them from the Journal Entry lines.

7. Category Accounts added to Accounts Payable

Fix applied to add the 'Category Accounts' tab back into the Accounts Payable section.

8. SUN 4 Export Limitation on Characters

Fix applied that was causing issues due to a character limit on invoices in the SUN 4 Accounts Payable invoices export.

9. Recipe Transfers Not Supporting Recipes with Stock Item Ingredients

Fix applied to allow recipe transfers to complete when creating a new product in a Stock Location via the recipe transfer action where the recipe is using items from your Stock Location as ingredients.

10. Wrong Total Excluding Tax for Credit Notes in Snapshot

Fix applied to correctly calculate the total value excluding tax for Credit Notes in the 'Invoices and Credit Notes' snapshot.

11. Paperless Invoicing Server Capacity Issues

In the past few months we have taken measures to reduce the unexpected downtime that has been occurring due to server limitations within our Paperless Invoicing system. These issues were being caused by one of our service providers when excessive load was being placed on the technology as demand for the Paperless Invoicing solution increased. We apologise for any inconvenience experienced by our customers as a result of this situation. Work has now been completed and we no longer expect to continue experiencing these issues.

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