Internal Requisitions are used to request stock to your Inventory Locations. Internal Requisition Buy Lists help users by saving a list of stock items for the Requisitions. These can be created at the hotel/organisation level and will be visible and useable in the lower level departments or organisations.

See: Create an Internal Requisition

In order to create an Internal Requisition Buy List, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to [Catalogues], [Internal Requisition Buy Lists]

  2. Use the green [ + ] button to create a new Internal Requisition Buy List:

    Note - You will need to choose a Destination in order to populate the Buy List with items.

  3. Use the [Eye] icon to open your Buy List and then use the green [ + ] button to bring up the 'Pick a Product' window.

  4. Choose a [Location] and click the [Search] button to view items from that Stock Location to add to your Buy List.

To find out more about creating Buy Lists, see: Create a Buy List

Note - You need to remove all the items from an Internal Requisition Buy List before the Buy List can be deleted.

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