1. Go to [Inventory] → [Stock location], then locate the location you the products are loaded in.

2. Select the Location [Name] to view all the products inside your desired stock location.

3. Once selected, you can sort the products by the [current quantity]
(You need to sort it out until all the 0 count products shows on the first page, this can be achieved by sorting it in ascending order).

4. Once all the 0 count products are showing from the top page, you then have 2 options on how to delete the products:

Option 1
Individually: If you want to do it individually, you will need to change the unit value first to '0.' Please see Change Item/Unit Value in Stock Location. Once the value is '0', then you can delete the stock item by selecting the (🗑️) Icon.

Option 2
Multiple: If you want to delete all '0' count products at once, you just need to click the red [Remove Empty Levels] button at the right bottom corner of the page.

And there you have it, all empty level stocks from your inventory location have now been deleted.

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