We have the ability to add a long description to any and all of our products in Purchase Plus!

This long description reflects directly on your AStore Shop product via the catalogue that you have shared with your buyers. You can add/edit directly into Purchase Plus or via export/import function, just as you do for your pricing updates.

This new field is in addition to your already existing, brand, and short product description. The difference is that you can add/edit your long description yourself, where your short product description and brand, as highlighted below, can only be created by our Marketboomer Catalogue team.

There is no character limit, you can add multiple paragraphs as well, as emojis/bullet points/numbers/icons, and more!

To add your long description to your products directly into Purchase Plus, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to [Catalogues] [Supplier Catalogues].

  2. Search for the catalogue where your products are located, by typing the name of the catalogue in the search field as below, and press 'Enter' on your keyboard.

  3. When the catalogue appears, click on the 'eye' icon, as below.

  4. Inside the catalogue, type the name/code of the product you want to add your long description to in the search field, and press 'Enter' on your keyboard.

  5. When the product appears, click on the 'pencil' icon, as below.

6. In the pop-up window, you can either type the long description straight into the text

box, or you can copy & paste the text from an external source.

7. Click [Save] when you are done.

Your text now appears as below. To edit it again, click the same 'pencil' icon.

Your descriptions are instantly uploaded to AStore Shop, as below, where your buyers can click on products to view your long description, details, price, images, and more.

Note - you only need to add a long description to a product once for it to appear in all the relevant catalogues that you have listed that product.

For example; I have added my long description to 'Apple Green Large 1kg, product code 456', as listed in 'MRS T - TEST' catalogue, as below, and the same long description applies in multiple catalogues that house the same product.

Note - if you delete that product from any catalogue, and then add the product back into a catalogue, the long description will still display.

For example; I have deleted the product from my 'MRS T -TEST 2' catalogue, as below in Image 1, and added it back to the catalogue, as per Image 2, with the long description automatically populating.

Image 1 - Apple Green Large 1 kg deleted

Image 2 - Apple Green Large 1 kg added to catalogue

To add/edit long descriptions to your Purchase Plus catalogues via export/import, follow the above steps 1 -3, then as below;

  1. Export your catalogue, via the blue 'Export' button, as below. Check out this article for further information on exporting/importing catalogues to Purchase Plus.

2. Search for the product you want to add your long description to. For the below example, 'Ambrosia', I copied and pasted the description from another document onto the line, or you can type the description directly onto the spreadsheet as well. Repeat for all desired products.

3. Save the file in csv. format.

4. Import the spreadsheet back into your Purchase Plus catalogue, via the blue 'Import' button, as below.

5. When the file has imported successfully, the long description will be immediately displayed under 'Catalogue Products' tab in Purchase Plus. You can directly edit the long description there, or export the catalogue as above to make bulk edits.

AStore Shop display example

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