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We are very excited to announce that you can now upload your product images yourself, straight into your Purchase Plus account! Check out the below information for frequently asked questions about product images.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have access to upload my product images as a Supplier?

Previously we have requested that you send your images to our team for processing, which we have happily done for you at no cost to your organisation.

However, we understand that images/packaging/pack sizes/vintages etc. of some of your products may change frequently. While we are still happy to upload images for you of course, there is a waiting list to have your job processed. Rather than wait, it is great for you to have access to update your images as they come to hand.

Why do I need to display my product images, & what are they used for?

AStore Shop has a requirement that their Supplier's display images for the majority, if not all, of their products. It's a great way to visually represent your products on the market, to create a positive user experience & often encourages more customer spend and increases basket size.

If there are no images uploaded to a product, then a grey place cardholder image will be displayed, as below.

How do I upload my image(s)?

Check out this help guide to follow the steps to upload your product images.

What image is displayed if there is only a Master image uploaded?

If there is a product image loaded under Master image (uploaded by Marketboomer team on your behalf), but there is no Supplier imaged uploaded, then we will show the Master product image.

Click on the 'View' link as below to view the image.

Master image

What image is displayed if there is only a Supplier image uploaded?

If you have uploaded a Supplier image, and there is no product image loaded under Master image (uploaded by Marketboomer team on your behalf), then we will show the Supplier product image.

Supplier Image

What image is displayed if there is a Master image AND a Supplier image uploaded?

If there is a Master image (uploaded by Marketboomer team), AND a Supplier image (uploaded by the Supplier), as below, then only the Supplier's image is displayed.

I have multiple catalogues, does that mean I have to upload the same image to every single catalogue that has that one product in it?

No, you only need to upload one image once for it to show in all catalogues.

As below, I have added my product - Kiwifruit 10kg case, to 'MRS T - TEST' catalogue, and also to my 'MRS T - TEST 2' catalogue, without needing to upload an image a second time.

Are my product images that I've uploaded to my product, used for my competitor's products?

No, Supplier images that are uploaded are not shared with any other suppliers/ competitors.

What happens to the image if I delete my catalogue or a product line from my catalogue?

The image is retained to that product line, so if you add the product back to a catalogue or a new catalogue the product image will automatically be displayed.

Where can I see my images displayed?

Product images are displayed in AStore Shop for buyers to view when they go shopping or place orders. As a Supplier we don't have access to AStore Shop.

For now, here is a sneak peak at our demonstration AStore Shop account (disclaimer - all prices are for demonstration purposes only & are fictitious).

If you have any questions, please reach out to our Supplier Relationship Manager at [email protected], or call our friendly Customer Success team on 1300 411 014.

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