We are very excited to release a feature that allows our Supplier's to upload their own images to Purchase Plus. These images directly reflect in AStore Shop and are visible to the AStore Shop members who you have connected with and shared your catalogues with.

If you haven't connected your Buyer to a catalogue in your Purchase Plus account, then the Buyer will not be able to see your products, prices or images. Follow this help guide to see how to add buyers to your account, create and manage catalogues and more.

Uploaded images stay on your product line, even if you delete it from your catalogue. Supplier images are not shared with competitors products or catalogues. Check out this article for more information, and answers to frequently asked questions.

To upload an image to your account, please follow the below steps:

1. Log into your Purchase Plus account.

2. Go to [Catalogues] [Supplier Catalogues]

3. Type the name of the catalogue that you want to upload your image to, into the search field, and press 'enter' on your keyboard.

4. When the catalogue appears, click on the 'eye' icon, as below.

5. In the body of the catalogue, search for the product you want to upload your image to. For this example, I typed in 'apple' into the search field, as below, pressed 'enter' on my keyboard. You can also search via your product code if you prefer.

6. When the product appears, click on the 'upload' icon, the icon that the arrow in the image below is pointing to.

Note - in this example, you can see there is already a 'Master image' for this product. This is an image that a supplier organisation originally sent to our team to upload on their behalf, or the supplier's organisation instructed our team to upload license free/generic images according to their product description & PPID. To view the 'Master image', click on 'View'.

7. In the pop-up window, click 'Browse' to find your pre-saved image file, click on the file, and click 'Save' in the pop-up window.

Note - you can upload a PNG or a jPEG image format file. In 500x500px & maximum file size 1MB. If you attempt to upload an image in any other format/size you will receive an error message and you will need to reformat the image.

8. When you have successfully uploaded your image, the below message will appear in your Purchase Plus screen.

9. Your product now has two images loaded, as below. To view the image/s, click on 'View', as below.

Note - if there are two images loaded, the Supplier Image will override the Master Image, and AStore Shop will display the Supplier Image only.

Master image:

Supplier image:

Note - The upload product image Purchase Plus function supports adding new images, updating/changing images, but it does not offer a 'delete image' function at this time. The red 'bin' icon you see on the screen will delete the product from your catalogue, it is not related to your product image.

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