In the PurchasePlus ecosystem, a Buyer and a Supplier can trade with each other when both parties agree to establish a ‘Trade Relationship’. This is a mutual decision that requires both parties to opt-in individually. Once both the Buyer and Supplier have agreed, a Trade Relationship is then in place between the two parties. A Supplier can assign one or more of their catalogues to the Buyer, and the Buyer can place orders with the Supplier, for one or more of more of the products listed in these assigned catalogues. The Trade Relationship remains in place indefinitely, but either party can terminate the Trade Relationship at any time.

There are two types of Trade Relationship in the PurchasePlus ecosystem:

Formal Trading

This is the most common type of Trade Relationship, and is the default type applied when a Trade Relationship is established between a Buyer and a Supplier. A Formal Trade relationship means that the Buyer and the Supplier have agreed to certain Trading Terms, and these terms have been negotiated outside of PurchasePlus. Payment terms for goods ordered by the Buyer, and the delivery of these goods by the Seller, are matters that both parties have negotiated prior to agreeing to enter a Formal Trading Relationship on PurchasePlus.

Pay-Before-Delivery Trading

This is a new type of Trade Relationship, and it used applicable in the PurchasePlus Express platform. This type of Trade Relationship is applied when the Supplier is willing to accept orders from a Buyer, without having pre-agreed to any trading terms. In a Pay-Before-Delivery Trade Relationship, it is assumed that the Supplier will seek payment from the Buyer before shipping the ordered goods. Only certain Suppliers offer the option of a Pay-Before-Delivery Trade Relationship. Please contact our friendly customer success team via [email protected] for further assistance with Trade Relationships.

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