In Purchase Plus we have two types of Suppliers, Formal & Informal.

Formal Suppliers

  • Have signed up to Purchase Plus with a Supplier Agreement

  • Have full access to their Purchase Plus account

  • Manage their product catalogues/pricing update & send in new products for creation, or they send us their data, and we update catalogues & prices for them

  • Receive support from Marketboomer Customer Success team via Live Chat, phone & email. Also have in-app access to guided flows that demonstrate how to perform certain tasks, & our Help Guide library

  • Can link to any Buyer on Purchase Plus, over 16 countries

  • Receive full & customised Supplier Engagement services when new Buyers onboard to Purchase Plus

  • Have assigned delivery outboxes to receive their Buyers Purchase Orders

  • Receive Purchase Orders to their nominated email address, & also directly into their Purchase Plus account

  • Email Buyer's invoices to their paperless email address or use API integration for invoicing

  • Have a full suite of snapshots on their Buyer's purchase history, pricing, purchase order summaries & more

Informal Suppliers

  • Don't have a Purchase Plus account

  • Are added to Purchase Plus by the Buyer's organisation

  • Can be invited to join* Purchase Plus by the Buyer

  • Buyers manage all products & pricing updates with Self-managed catalogues

  • Don't receive support from Marketboomer Customer Success team

  • Receive orders via phone/reps/email

  • May, or may not email Buyer's invoices to their paperless email address

*Email [email protected] to ask your Supplier Relationship Manager to invite them to join Purchase Plus as your new Supplier.

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