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Set Minimum Order Value for AStore Shop Orders
Set Minimum Order Value for AStore Shop Orders

In this section, we will show suppliers, how to set minimum order values for orders received through AStore Shop.

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In your Purchase Plus account, you are able to set a minimum value for one order received through AStore Shop, as well as a custom message that will be displayed.

  1. Go to [Settings] - [Business Settings]. You will see 2 fields:

    • [Minimum Order Value (Ex Tax)]

    • [Minimum Order Value Message]

2. Enter [Minimum Order Value (Ex Tax)]. E.g. if your minimum order value for one order is a minimum of $150, excluding Tax, enter [150].

3. Optional: Enter a custom [Minimum Order Value Message].

Entering a custom message is optional. If no custom message is entered, then the buyer will be displayed the default message:

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