This guide explains how to teach Xtracta to recognise an invoice. This is in reference to updating the learning process, not correcting individual invoice.


  • P+i: Purchase Plus Invoicing

  • UI: User Interface

  • Xtracta: XT

Mapping = This means correcting XT captured data on a single document.
Learning = Teaching the Xtracta machine to recognise an invoice.

This will improve XT's accuracy, resulting in eliminating work and an improved success rate.

Steps Summary:

  1. Identify the best invoices to use in the mapping for learning process.

  2. Log into P+i

  3. Find document in P+i

  4. Open Xtracta mapping

  5. Map the document

  6. Save & Close

  7. Validate P+i invoice onscreen against original PDF

Steps Detail:

  1. Find invoice for mapping

    Carefully choose the documents you will use for the mapping. Are they all ePDF or scanned, a mix of both is not ideal. Do they all have values for all fields on the invoice, for example PO number and tax values where the headers exist. Getting this step correct means less chances of having to remap a second round based on only 2 of the three invoices having a value.

  2. Log into P+i:

  3. Find the Xtracta invoice in P+i. It must have the 'Provider' as Xtracta.

  4. Click on the 'Provider ID' link.

  5. Map the document

    XT will load the document. On the left hand side is the original PDF, on the right are the fields to be mapped. To map a value, first click on the field to be mapped (right) and then click (or click and drag if you want to select a large portion of text) on the PDF image value (left). The value will be added to the field on the right. Move onto the next value to be mapped.

  6. Once all fields have been mapped, change the "ok_to_process" slider to "Yes" and click the [Save & Close] button to create the P+ invoice.

  7. Confirm the P+ invoice is correct against the original PDF document.

    Click on the P+ Invoice link.

    Things to check:

  • Invoice State - Should be Flagged or Reconciled. If open, see step 7 below.

  • Calculated Totals and Out of Balance - Should be all in green, any red is an issue. If they're red, check values against the invoice and follow step 7 below, followed by steps 2-4 to correct the error.

  • Quantity, Unit Price, Tax Price, Total (excluding Tax) and Total (including Tax) should all be correct per the PDF.
    If invoice has tax, check Invoice Tax Total and tax at line level for the lines that incur tax.

Your invoice should now be mapped! If not, check with your Purchase Plus admin or the Marketboomer support team.

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