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In this section, we will show you how to navigate through the AStore Shop.

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You can use the following features to navigate through Astore Shop:

1. Filter and Search Products

1. To narrow down the products displayed, clicking on the [Filter].

2. There are 3 options in the filter:

  • [Shop by Category]

  • [Shop by Supplier]

  • [Shop by Brand]

You can filter the products with either or a combination of the criteria.

Once you selected the criteria, click [Apply Filters].

3. Besides the filter option, you can also look for products via the [search] function.

You can search by

  • [Product Name]

  • [Brand]

Note: The search function result and filter result are dependent. When you search a product, it will search the products within the filter criteria selected, and vice versa.

2. Sort Products

1. By default, the items were sorted in alphabetical order. You can re-sort the result by clicking on the [Sort] option.

The result can be sorted by:

  • [Item name]

  • [Unit price]

Select the sort option you prefer, then click [Apply].

3. List View or Grid View

1. The items can be shown in [List View] or [Grid View]. You can toggle between the view depending on your preference.

Note: Product photos are only available in Grid View.

4. Switch Organisation

1. To switch to another Organisation, click on the [My Account] section and then [Switch Organisation].

2. A pop-up window, will list all Organisation that you have access to, please scroll through the list and select the Organisation you would like to switch to.

Your selected Organisation will be loaded and displayed.

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