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Q3 2021
Product Review - Q3 2021
Product Review - Q3 2021

Get caught up with a review of last quarter’s new features and bug fixes!

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Welcome to our quarterly review of new feature releases and bug fixes for Purchase Plus.

Features Released 🚀

1. Completion date column added to Inventory Reports

The following reports have a new column for the 'Transfer Complete' date:

  • Adjusting Transfer Items by Date

  • Receiving Transfer Items by Date

  • Stock Transfer Items by Date

  • Transfer Reconciliation

  • Stock Requisition

2. More columns are now sortable from the Stock Levels page

Within the Inventory module, when viewing Stock Levels for a Stock Location, there are more columns that are sortable including the "product code" column.

Currently, the following columns are now sortable by either ascending or descending by clicking on the column:

  • pos

  • product

  • product code

  • count by

  • Par Level

  • Reorder Level

  • current quantity

  • unit value

  • balance value

Bugs Squashed 🐛

1. Links from the Stock Levels page causing an error

There was an issue with some of the links from the Stock Levels pages in the Inventory module causing an error. These have been resolved and the links are going to the right pages.

This includes clicking through to the specific product links.

2. Purchase Order value issue if over $1,000

There was an issue where if the Purchase Order value was over $1,000 it would only show as '1.00' on the Purchase Order page. This has been fixed to show the correct Purchase Order value.

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