You can update the approval limit of a Purchase Requisition approver by following the instructions below.

To find out how to set up an Approval Workflow, see: Creating an Approval Workflow.

1. Go to [Settings] → [Approval Workflows] → [Workflows]

2. Locate the workflow you want to update and click on the [View Workflow] Icon to open the workflow.

3. Once inside the workflow, click on the [Maximum Value] column of the rank you want to update the value. Once you have added a value, press [Enter] to save the value you have entered.

Note: that if you set a maximum value for the rank, make sure that the 'Is unlimited' box is not ticked, or else, it will override your maximum value. The rank that is the final approver should have an unlimited approval amount in the workflow.

The approval limit should now be updated.

Note: DECLINE and RESUBMIT the Purchase Requisition that is already in the System for the new Workflow Rules to take effect.

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