The Purchase Plus Invoicing (P+i) platform has a fairly simple dashboard to navigate. When accessing the platform, you will be immediately taken to a list of all the invoices, starting at the most recent.

Navigate through tabs

There are 4 tabs to view the invoices, as well as several columns to use as filters. The 4 tabs are [All], [Incomplete], [Complete] and [Deleted]. These can be seen in the top section:

Use Filters to search invoices

The columns are extremely useful when finding invoices. By clicking on columns that have the [filter] icon, you will be able to either search or filter through the available options.

  • Click on the 'Invoice Number' column to search for an invoice, for example:

  • P+ Invoice column provides a link to the invoice on Purchase Plus.

  • Status allows you to filter by what stage the invoice is in. View the Invoices Statuses page to find out more.

  • Purchaser will allow you to filter by hotel/buyer:

  • Provider ID shows under 'Pending' invoices on Purchase Plus and can be a good way to look for specific invoices that may not have been assigned an invoice number yet.

Use the [Clear all filters] option in the top-right to remove any filters and view the full list of invoices again.

View pages

There may be a number of different pages depending on your view. To navigate through these pages, use the options in the bottom-right of the screen:

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