If you have an invoice that has already made its way to Purchase Plus and is in the 'Transmitted' status in P+i, you will need to delete the invoice in Purchase Plus (not P+i) and then send the invoice through to the hotel using the Paperless Invoicing Email Address.

How to re-send an invoice:

  1. Firstly, find the invoice in P+i by searching for the Invoice Number. Go to P+i and click on the "Invoice Number" field to perform a search.

  2. Click through to the invoice using the Invoice Number.

  3. Download the PDF using the icon in the left-hand side where the PDF is show. Copy/take note of the email address the PDF was sent to. This is found in the "To" section.

  4. Since no two invoices can have the same invoice number and supplier, you will need to delete the invoice from Purchase Plus (not P+i). Navigate to [Documents], [Invoices] and search for the invoice you want to delete and click on the [Edit] pencil icon.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the window and click on [Delete Invoice].

  6. Now that the invoice had been deleted, you can send in the downloaded PDF of the invoice to the Paperless Invoicing email address.

Find out more about how to send in invoices to P+i here.

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