All PDFs sent to Purchase Plus Invoicing (P+i), via the hotel's Paperless Invoicing email address, will go through a number of statuses. While the invoice is being processed, it will show up in Purchase Plus under 'Pending' for invoices.

Statuses on P+i:

  • New - The invoice/PDF file has only just been sent through to P+i and will shortly be moved to Processing. No changes can be made while the invoice is in New.

  • Processing - The invoice is now being processed, meaning it is being scanned by the "Provider".

  • Processed - Processed by the "Provider".

  • Invalid - One or more validations failed when the invoice was being processed. This means there was an issue with the invoice which could be that the Supplier doesn't exist in Purchase Plus, the invoice number has already been used for the Supplier and Hotel or the totals do not match the lines. Clicking through to the invoice will show what the issue is that has caused it to become "Invalid".

  • Stuck - This means that the invoice has been processing for longer than 30 minutes and cannot be automatically scanned.

  • Transmitting - In process of being sent to Purchase Plus.

  • Transmitted - Invoice has been sent to Purchase Plus.

  • Deleted - The invoice has been manually deleted by a user on P+i.

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