Purchase Plus Invoicing or P+i is an interface used by the Marketboomer team to monitor, fix and submit invoices to the Purchase Plus platform. Paperless Invoicing allows PDF and ePDFs to be scanned automatically to read the invoice lines, totals and general information.

All PDFs that are sent to Paperless Invoicing email address using the format '[email protected]' will be able to be viewed on P+i as they are being processed and after they have been transmitted to Purchase Plus. If any issues arise with the invoice, it will get 'Stuck' and can be manually adjusted. Alternatively, invoices can be manually stopped from being processed and adjusted.

Purchase Plus Invoicing is being made available for select hotels so that they can fix up and adjust any invoices sent to the hotels they manage. This is a new offering where previously only Marketboomer had access to the platform.

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