Note: Products may have only a slight difference in the description or sell unit size, or they are identical informal and formal products in the inventory. You may link the 2 products. When you choose to link a product, this will merge it into the product you've chosen to link it to. This will allow you to receive both products to inventory, with stocks only added to the visible product in the inventory.

Linked products will not show on your stock take count sheets because the functionality of linking products allows you to receive that product as another product, and therefore only count 1 product at stock take.

If the products are to be treated as separate products, then it is not recommended linking the products.

When linking two products, Purchase Plus merges the quantity and average weight cost into the 1 product. Then, after doing this, every time you receive the alternate product Purchase Plus links the product to the 1 product.

Below are the steps on how you can link the products.

1. Go to [Inventory], [Stock Locations]

2. Locate the Stock Location where the products are, and click the location name to see all the products in this location.

3. Search for the products that are to be linked.

4. Once found, identify which product you want to link.

Note: if the products has a different 'count by' in the inventory, you will need to do a stock adjustment to match the counting of the products. Also, since the value of the stock will be the weighted average price of the products, it will be ideal to update the prices, so they match. See: Change Item/Unit Value in Stock Location

5. Once everything is aligned, you can now link the two products.

Just click on the [edit] button of the product that you want to be linked to the other product.

6. In the pop-up window, search for the product you want to link to.

Note: If your organisation has multiple stocks location, make sure to select [Link Organisation Wide]. This will make sure that the product will be linked in all the locations in your organisation.

7. Once found, select the product and click [save].

Note: The product you linked will now be gone, and the product you linked to will be the combined product.

8. The products are now linked.

9. To view linked products, you can use the option in the top left, [Include already linked] in your search.

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