Note - deleting an inventory location requires the Buyer - Inventory - Manage persona (see this help article for further details).

1. To access a Stock Location, go to [Inventory], [Stock Locations].

2. If, your Stock Location is empty, click the [Paper and Pen] icon of the Stock Location. If, your Stock Location has items recorded, please jump to step 4.

3. A pop-up window will appear, click the red [Delete Stock Location] button.

4. If the Store Location, has items recorded, a Stock Take is needed to record "0" quantities.

To start a Stock Take for a single Stock Location, click the name of the Stock Location you want to delete.

5. Select [Stock Takes], then click the top left green [+ Stock Take] button.

6. Click [Save] in the pop-up window.

7. Click [Count Not Started].

8. Enter [0] count into all line items. Once, all line items have 0 count, select the green [Done] button.

Note: It's important to enter [0] count for all line items, otherwise the count will be incomplete.

9. You now have to clear the variance. Click on the number in the variance column.

10. Click [+Stock Variance]. In the pop-up window, click [Save].

11. Click [Complete].

12. Once 'Variations' are $0.00, your locations will now be highlighted in green, and you are ready to close your Stock Take.

Select [Stock Locations] and click [Close] to close the stock take.

13. You are now able to delete the location, as per step 2. & 3.

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