Reconciled invoices are those that are ready to be processed for payment by your Finance Department. This means that they have either matched using the 3-Way Matching process for Paperless Invoicing or have been reviewed, amended if required and approved.

If an invoice does not meet the requirements for 3-Way Matching, it will be 'Flagged' in Purchase Plus. If the reason that caused an invoice to flag is addressed (e.g. Purchase Order value doesn't match Invoice value) and it is then approved by both the Operational and Financial Approvers, it will move into a 'Reconciled' state.

Once an invoice is 'Reconciled', it can be processed, meaning it will be included in your Finance Team's next invoice payable file.

Summary of the different states for invoices

  • Open - the invoice can be edited and then moved to reconciled.

  • Parked - the invoice has been marked as something that needs to be looked at later and can be re-opened.

  • Flagged - the invoice possibly needs to be fixed and approved to transition to reconciled.

  • Reconciled - the invoice is ready to be processed.

  • Processing - the invoice is being processed by Purchase Plus.

  • Processed - the invoice has been processed in Purchase Plus and will be included in the next import to the hotel's Accounts Payable system.

  • Cancelled - the invoice has been cancelled and can be re-opened.

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