A Consumption Journal is a file containing Stock Variance transfers to Variances, after a stock take is closed.

The journal is run per period, i.e. the period between stock takes - any transfers to Variance, between a stock take being closed, until it's open again for the next stock take. Hence, the Consumption Journal is only available once a stock take has been closed.

Note: The Consumption Journal Export is only available in SUN 4 format.

To run the Consumption Journal navigate to [Settings] > [Accounts payable], click the [eyeball] icon of your accounts payable system then click [Consumption Journals].

  1. Click the [+ Consumption Journal] button in the top left.

  2. In the pop-up, select in [Purchaser] your applicable department (all Departments is the whole organisation).

  3. Select your [Accounting Period].

  4. Click [Save].

Once complete, you will be able to open the file by clicking on the blue [Content] link.

The resulting .TXT file will look as below.

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