Purchase Plus allows the use of barcodes in stocktaking via the Purchase Plus Stock Take app. This requires the Inventory module to be enabled.


The Stocktake application & barcode scanning, can be used on either:

  1. A mobile phone with a camera and web page access.

  2. An Infra Red Scanner PDA with Android web page access.



Login via https://stocktake.purchaseplus.com/ using the same Email and Password as for your regular Purchase Plus login https://www.purchaseplus.com.


The dashboard page currently shows the first five stock locations and unsaved stock counts.

The top menu bar remains fixed in the top across all pages.

Stock Locations

Click on the [Stock Location], you wish to enter a count for. After navigating to a stock location, you can access stock takes for that location that are open or in progress.

To make the stock take available offline, click The “refresh” link in the details overview, as shown under Offline Data. This is used when counting in a location without Wi-Fi.

By default, the stock takes list is sorted descending by date created.

Stock Counts

Click on the [Stock Take] you want to enter/update, and you will be able to see the following:

  • the period

  • status

  • blind/partial settings

After navigating into a stock take, you can open barcode webcam scanning with the camera symbol. The subtitle on this page indicates the location and period.

Scanning and Counting

After clicking the [Camera Icon], the camera or IR scanner will activate. Hover your device over the product's barcode, you wish to count. The system will read the barcode and display the related product. Check if this is correct, enter the count and click save.

Then continue to scan and count the rest of the items in your location.

Offline Data

There is a link on stock location to manually download stock takes.

Click on the [Refresh] link to download the current stock take, it will display the download time in “Available offline“. When downloading data, there is a pin round image, showing the downloading status.

A pop-up message will show up after the download is completed.

A tick mark will appear, to show the backup data is now available for the stock take.

Note: When you sign out, the local data will be removed.

You can scan barcodes to find products in an offline stock take.

Unsaved Stock Take

When there is a problem with your internet, and you have updated stock counts by using the local data, then these changes will be shown as unsaved stock.

When the internet is connected, you will need to sync all unsaved data manually.

1. Click the [Main Menu] icon and select [Draft Stock Takes].

2. Select stock take from [Unsaved Stock Counts].

3. Select [Sync All] to manually update unsaved stock counts.

Stock Location Background Colour

In Purchase Plus, when a current stock take is ready to be closed or is closed, then the stock location colour is white, when a current stock take in not able to be closed, then the stock location background colour is red, this display pattern is the same with the one in Purchase Plus.

Red background for stock take:

  • Count not start

  • In process

  • Completed with non-0 variance

No background for stock take

  • Closed

  • Completed with 0 variance

Switching Organisations

To change the organisation you want to enter a count for:

1. Click the [Main Menu] icon.

2. Click [Switch Organisation].

3. Type in the name of the organisation you wish to switch to.

4. Click on the [Organisation] you wish to change to.

To complete the count, you will need to log back in to Purchase Plus. Find out how to Zero Out Variances before completing your Stock Take.

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