Purchase Plus allows the use of barcodes in stocktaking via the Purchase Plus Stocktake app.



1. View Barcodes

1) To view Barcodes, for each product, access the applicable inventory [Stock Location].

Note: Each product has been automatically assigned a Barcode based on the item's Purchase Plus Product ID (PPID).

You can also add the product's actual barcode if available.

You have the option to manually enter each barcode, or bulk import barcodes.

2) To enter a new Barcode or view the existing ones, click the blue [Number] in the Barcode column, next to your product:

You will see 2 numbers:

1st: Purchase Plus Product ID, is the unique identifier of the product in Purchase Plus

2nd: Automatic assigned barcode from Purchase Plus

2. Manually Enter Barcodes

1) To add a new Barcode, click the green [+] button in the top left of the pop-up:

2) Enter the new Barcode in the [Body] using numbers only and then click [Save].

Note: If this product appears in any other stock locations, with the same Purchase Plus Product ID (PPID), the new Barcode will be shown in those locations also.

3. Bulk import Barcodes

Barcodes can also be imported in bulk. They need to be entered into a CSV. template with their Purchase Plus Product ID (PPID) and Barcode you are adding to the product.

1) To generate the import template, navigate to [Barcode Import Templates] and click the green [+] button.

This will generate a CSV. file that you can download and fill in.

Note: only the barcodes can be entered, changes made to other sections will not be actioned and might cause the import to fail.

2) To import the CSV. file, navigate to [Inventory], [Barcodes], [Barcode Imports].

3) Click the green [+] button and choose your saved CSV. import file.

4) Refresh your browser, once the import is completed the [State] will be “Complete”. Under the column [Import Information], check the numbers of rows imported are correct.

If an error has occurred and not all rows have been imported, check the [Import error file].

Also view the help guide: Print Barcodes for Stock Taking

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