1) Navigate to [Inventory], [Stock Locations] and open the [Stock Location] you wish to print Barcodes for.

2) Go to the [Stock Levels] tab and select the products you would like to print Barcodes for. To select the products, tick the [Check Box} next to the product, to select all tick the top [Check Box].

3) Once you have selected your products, click the [Printer] icon:

4) The above pop up will appear. Here you can choose [Template] format, [Label Template] type and the [Quantity] you want printed for each bar code.

Templates available:

  • Avery L7651

  • Avery L7160

  • Zebra

Difference between Label Templates, Barcode Only vs. Shelf Locator:

  • Barcode Only

  • Shelf Locator


a) Select [Print] to export Barcodes in the selected format for you to print.

b) Select [CSV] creates a CSV. file in the below format.

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