When updating your Approval Workflows in Purchase Plus, you want to be sure that there is always a User in every Role to ensure there are no gaps in your workflows.

1. To navigate to your Approval Workflows area in Purchase Plus, go to [Settings], [Approval Workflows] and click on [Roles] in the left-hand menu.

Note: Here you will view the Roles that are added into the specific workflows. When replacing a User in a workflow, if possible, it is always best to update the Roles where that user is in.

2. To do this, click on the [View] icon for the role I want to edit.

3. Now you can add the new user to the role and remove the old user.

4. To remove a user from a role, click on the [Edit] icon and click [Delete Role User].

Once deleted, use the green [+ Role User] button in the top left to add the new user.

Go through and edit the remaining roles where the user is in and that's it, you will have updated your workflows!

Find out more about Approval Workflows here.

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