Invoices that come through to Purchase Plus via our Paperless Invoicing module can be read and transmitted by two different methods. These methods are either ePDF or Scanned Paper Invoice.

Invoices sent through in ePDF format will be able to be read electronically. You can tell the difference as you will be able to actually highlight and copy the text from an ePDF.

Scanned Paper Invoices will either be scanned invoices sent through as a PDF or a low quality ePDF. These will not allow as many details to be read by the system and will give a summary of the totals. An invoice sent through as a Scanned Paper Invoice will result in only showing the "Taxable line total" & "Non-taxable line total" on the invoice, rather than including the individual lines.

In order to ensure you are getting the best detail from invoices and that they are processed quicker, you can reach out to your suppliers to get them to use an ePDF format.

Find out more details about Paperless Invoicing here.

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